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In this episode, Debra Carney, interviews Carol Vick to discuss the do’s and don’ts of job seekers in the competitive market.

Carol Vick was one of the co-founders of the Creative Circus, a top portfolio school located in Atlanta, GA. The Creative Circus works with top industry partners such as Google, BBDO, AKQA, McCann, 72 and Sunny, Taxi, DDB, Digitas and more.

Carol talks about why a good portfolio is key to getting a career in the industry and how portfolio schools can help. She also dives into what agencies are looking for in terms of multi-skilled professionals versus focused skilled professionals.


Students often have a hard time getting their books seen by agencies. Here are some tips:

  • Have a website that has a simple and clean UX
  • Have beautiful stories and visuals
  • Have diversity in your book

Tune in and listen for more great learnings!

What you’ll learn
  • Is it better to be a jack of all trades or be focused in your skill set?
  • What makes a good portfolio book?
  • How to ace your creative interview

President of Carol Vick, creative creative recruiting. Co-Founder of The Creative Circus
Many years in advertising education and placement of creatives.
Background fine art and photography,
Board Member: Good Thinking Atlanta.‎
Board Member: The Creative Circus.
Board Member: Epic Chicago,
Co founder Adversity New York

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I am a THINKER. I like to solve puzzles and crack codes. The fun part is finding a problem that needs to be solved and then doing it in a unique, smart and clever way. I am a WRITER. Expressing a vision, emotion or message to an audience is a privilege and one that should never be taken for granted. I am a NETWORKER. I believe everyone is here to help someone else. The more people you take the time to get to know is one person you can potentially help and perhaps if you’re lucky, can even help you someday. If nothing else, everyone brings something new into your life if only for a fleeting moment. I am CREATIVE. Organized chaos is my norm as I navigate my way through finding innovative ways to tackle projects. I’ve never been one to color inside the lines. I am a DOER. I like to get things done and expect that of others. I run a million miles a minute and that’s how I like it. I am a MULTI-TASKER. I usually have at least 10 different projects going at any given time. Variety is what makes life (and jobs) fun and interesting!

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The Inside Scoop from Top Creative Recruiter: Carol Vick