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Jeremy Miller

Brand Builder, Sticky Branding

Shocase interviews Jeremy Miller, brand builder and author of Sticky Branding, about brand metaphor – how to engage your customers.

A brand metaphor is a simple way of describing what make your business unique by connecting with your customers in an emotional level.

A famous example of a great brand metaphor is Like a Rock from Chevrolet Trucks. 

There are 7 metaphors that translate cross all cultures, countries and languages:

  • Balance
  • Transformation
  • Journey
  • Control
  • Container
  • Connection
  • Resource

The best way of finding which of the 7 represents your brand is by engaging your customers and asking questions such as what did they choose you, how do they use their product or services and when do you refer to us.

The way of measuring a brand metaphor is through affinity and connection.

Tune in and listen for more great learnings!

What you’ll learn
  • What is a brand metaphor 
  • How do you find a brand metaphor for your company
  • What kind of company can have a brand metaphor
  • What are examples of successful brand metaphors 

Jeremy Miller is a brand builder and author of “Sticky Branding”, a Globe and Mail Bestseller.

For Jeremy, branding is deeply personal. After watching his family’s business nearly hit rock bottom, he and his team were forced to take a long hard look at the way the company was run, and at the industry as a whole.

What Jeremy realized was it wasn’t his company’s sales people or processes that were failing them, it was their brand. They regrouped, revamped, and rebranded the business, and within a year had turned the corner and rocketed into growth mode.

That experience inspired Jeremy to embark on a decade-long study of how small- and mid-sized companies grow recognizable, memorable brands — what he calls Sticky Brands.

Fast forward to today, Jeremy has interviewed thousands of CEOs and business owners and profiled hundreds of companies across dozens of sectors. He lives and breathes marketing, branding, and business development, and he knows what it takes to grow a Sticky Brand.

Jeremy works with companies to develop branding and marketing strategies that make them stand out and drive sales. He is a sought after speaker delivering highly entertaining and informative keynotes speeches on branding and business development.

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I am a THINKER. I like to solve puzzles and crack codes. The fun part is finding a problem that needs to be solved and then doing it in a unique, smart and clever way. I am a WRITER. Expressing a vision, emotion or message to an audience is a privilege and one that should never be taken for granted. I am a NETWORKER. I believe everyone is here to help someone else. The more people you take the time to get to know is one person you can potentially help and perhaps if you’re lucky, can even help you someday. If nothing else, everyone brings something new into your life if only for a fleeting moment. I am CREATIVE. Organized chaos is my norm as I navigate my way through finding innovative ways to tackle projects. I’ve never been one to color inside the lines. I am a DOER. I like to get things done and expect that of others. I run a million miles a minute and that’s how I like it. I am a MULTI-TASKER. I usually have at least 10 different projects going at any given time. Variety is what makes life (and jobs) fun and interesting!

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Strengthen Your Brand - Like a Rock: Jeremy Miller