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Gary Lancina

CMO, Luma Institute

Shocase interviews Gary Lancina, the chief marketing officer of  Luma Institute about collaboration between creative and client side.

A good creative is made with 5 criteria:

  • Engage the viewer.
  • Communicate your proposition.
  • Linking into the brand.
  • Make it memorable.
  • Be persuasive.

Good and bad examples of ads analyzed by those 5 criteria.

The best way of working with a creative being from the client side is to clarify what is the purpose of the ad and give some directions.

Creative and client need to work together and collaborate in order to come up with an ad that target would like.

Tune in and listen for more great learnings!

What you’ll learn
  • What is the role of a great creative
  • How agencies and clients work together
  • Is it focus group a good idea for creative

Strategic Marketing Executive with over 24 years of diversified experience in consumer packaged goods and durables, publishing, retail, and interactive/online industries. Proven track record in revenue and profit growth achieved through brand and business development, user experience enhancement, product innovation, and improved operating efficiency. Recognized for optimizing relationships between agencies and internal teams.

Inspirational leader accomplished in building teams. Adept at redefining competitive space and creating innovation stream to grow revenue. Maximizes contributions to business success from advertising, promotions, and design. Leverages solid brand marketing foundation to deliver online growth and mobile marketing solutions.

Specialties: Brand & Business Development
Leadership & Team Building
Vision & Strategy
Product Innovation
New Product Development
Interactive/Online Marketing
Quantitative Results from Creative Endeavors
Improved Operating Efficiencies

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I am a THINKER. I like to solve puzzles and crack codes. The fun part is finding a problem that needs to be solved and then doing it in a unique, smart and clever way. I am a WRITER. Expressing a vision, emotion or message to an audience is a privilege and one that should never be taken for granted. I am a NETWORKER. I believe everyone is here to help someone else. The more people you take the time to get to know is one person you can potentially help and perhaps if you’re lucky, can even help you someday. If nothing else, everyone brings something new into your life if only for a fleeting moment. I am CREATIVE. Organized chaos is my norm as I navigate my way through finding innovative ways to tackle projects. I’ve never been one to color inside the lines. I am a DOER. I like to get things done and expect that of others. I run a million miles a minute and that’s how I like it. I am a MULTI-TASKER. I usually have at least 10 different projects going at any given time. Variety is what makes life (and jobs) fun and interesting!

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Creative From the Client Side: Gary Lancina