We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite advertising podcasts that really dive deep into answering some of the many challenges we face in marketing and advertising. So let us dive in! Here are our top 7 advertising podcasts you should subscribe to.

1. #AskGaryVee

Gary Vaynerchuck is an entrepreneur, investor, author, public speaker, and internet personality. In 2009 he founded VaynerMedia, a social media-focused digital agency. In this podcast, Gary spends 15-30 minutes answering the most hot marketing questions.

2. Marketing Over Coffee

Hosted by John Wall and Christopher Penn, this weekly discussion analyzes what’s going on in the news to provide relevant marketing feedback and analysis.

3. Don’t Get Me Started

Hosted by Dan Balser, the advertising department head at the Creative Circus, this is a bi-weekly conversation about advertising. It’s a wonderful podcast that interviews top agency executives much like AdvertisingPodcast.com.

4. Ad Age Outlook

We all know Ad Age as one of the leading global source of advertising and marketing news. This 85-year-old media brand also created a podcast in which they talk all things advertising and marketing.

5. Creatively Speaking

Creatively Speaking is our advertising podcast that we’ve created as a means to gain insight from top advertising agency executives. The podcast, Creatively Speaking, is a product of Shocase, the premier network for advertising and marketing professionals.

6. Duct Tape Marketing

John Jantsch, author of Duct Tape Marketing, also created the Duct Tape Marketing podcast in which he interviews top marketing experts all around the world and focuses in on key marketing topics.

7. Six Pixels of Separation

Hosted by Mitch Joel of Mirum, a global digital agency, this podcast helps marketers understand and unravel the complex world of digital marketing and social media from a digital marketing agency perspective.

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7 Best Advertising Podcasts You Need To Subscribe To